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Contemporary Kitchen

Its clean, stylish and practical usually featuring high-tech materials and new technology

Modern Kitchen

Our modern kitchens are infused with a sense of warmth and plenty of contempo-rary touches

Classic Kitchen

Customize your luxury kitchen with Classic Interiors. Visit our friendly showrooms in Isleworth

Isleworth Kitchens

Our Objectives

Our aim is to design kitchens that are the heart of the home: the room you naturally gravitate to for family get-togethers, celebrations and, of course, the everyday.

Art of Kitchens designers and a showroom at Isleworth London. Our professional facility makes us one of the few Isleworth kitchen designers with best materials and working to the highest standards.

Custom Designer Kitchens

Our end-to-end quality control process means that unlike many kitchen companies we do not rely on third party manufacturers. Combining the experience of skilled joiners and the use of a sophisticated computer system. Art of Kitchens is able to produce even the most complicated custom joinery for the home. Our highly skilled trades people are artisans who trained to work with a range of finishes from timber to the latest veneers.

Modern Kitchen Designs in London

From the start of the process, when you decide you want a leading designer to build a custom-built kitchen that will stand the test of time, we want to be involved every step of the way. Our vision is to build kitchens with soul, functionality and style. It is the room that defines your home, lifestyle and social hub. We strive to make the decision-making process streamlined and smooth – as well as exciting and engaging.


We like to look at the whole house before determining how to best help you. What is important to you? What are you looking for foremost in a kitchen designer? We hope it is experience, and commitment to always achieve a better result. As we understand that giving you peace of mind about making those important choices seem effortless is what our job is all about. Our designs, ideas and plans are all about quality while being user-friendly, attainable and clear.


Our dedication, attention to detail and professional means our craftsmanship is about always striving for high standard, precision and innovation. Our professional craftsmen are the people who make us proud of our kitchens.

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What People Saying

I continue to be awestruck by the elegance of my home as reflected in the quality and craftsmanship of the work of Isleworth Kitchen

John Smith

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