Kitchen Tiles Outlet 

Isleworth Kitchen provides exclusive range of kitchen wall and floor tiles in store. We are passionate about showing you an array of tiles. Our professional staff will help you find a tile that is functional for your living or working space, and which perfectly complements the design and theme of your room.

Kitchen Tiles Shop Isleworth

Our range includes floor, wall and patio tiles, natural stone, mosaics, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, slate and handmade tiles. We are a partner with top brand leader.

Our customers often find choosing tiles is the most difficult part of the home renovation process. Never before has there been so much choice and so many sizes and textures of tile. We showcase many of the latest tile trends in our individual kitchen settings. This gives our customers a more accurate view of what their chosen tile.

We also encourage our customers to take sample tiles home to see what they look like in the light of their home environment, as the colour shading on tiles varies in different light conditions.

Natural Stone Floor & Wall Tiles

Isleworth Kitchen provides Natural stone is a timeless, classic flooring which gives real character to any kitchen .

There is a vast choice of varied natural stone from around the world, all of which has its unique texture and colour. Natural stone floor and wall tiles can also be used to stunning effect in conservatories and patios.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the most popular contemporary tile material the beauty of porcelain tiles is you can have traditional looking tiles with either chipped edges or contemporary crisp edges, in a variety of sizes without the need to seal and maintain.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are for decorating a wall or floor and can be used as borders, accent points or as entire wall and floor coverings.

Glass Tiles & Handmade Tiles

Using Glass Tiles & Handmade tiles is a way of personalising your home and giving it a totally unique look. Glass tiles are available in variety of sizes, colours and finishes and always add a feeling of luxury and sparkle.


Tiles prides itself on helping its customers through the whole journey of home improvement: from concept to competition. We understand that every customer’s requirements are different and every job is unique.